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The philosophy of our centre is healthy exercise. The health of our clients is always our primary concern. This is the policy we use when taking on and training all of our trainers. Trainers are chosen based on strict criteria, after a trial training session.
How to arrange a training session
You can arrange a training session at reception or via email, or directly with a trainer at the gym. We strive to choose the perfect trainer for every client, using a questionnaire completed by you. The most suitable trainer is chosen based on the information in the questionnaire, who then contacts you to arrange the date of the training session.
What does the training look like
Before the first session, your trainer will wait for you at the reception, where you´ll complete an entry questionnaire, detailing, among other things, your health restrictions. If you´re interested in working together for longer (you buy a package of five or more training sessions), the trainer will conduct a diagnostic of your musculoskeletal system to get an idea of you body´s functionality, and create a personal training regime just for you (what to focus on, what to avoid). The trainer will focus on how your body behaves while exercising.
Another phase of personal training is activation of the deep stabilization system  (DSS), which is crucial for technically correct, safe and effective exercise. If this deep body system functions properly, soon you will be able to master more advanced exercises and heavier loads. Otherwise, even simple exercise can become dangerous. We place a lot of importance on the quality of exercise and adapt to the needs and abilities of our clients as much as possible.
Why exercise with fit4all trainers
A major difference between us and other commercial fitness centres is the unified philosophy of training with a client, which all our trainers follow. The training strictly respects the physiology and individual needs of every client. Our work is based on the concept of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization by recognised specialist in physical education, physiotherapy and sports training, prof. Pavel Kolář, who bases his theory on the natural development of the human motor system while respecting its patterns.
Our trainers have the necessary training and experience and are regularly kept up to date with this method in training sessions organised for them by fit4all. They observe strict rules over working with clients, while maintaining a focus on the personality and unique needs, abilities and skills of every client. They also attend professional training sessions at the Prague Centre of Motion Medicine with prof. Kolář himself.

You can read more about our personal training sessions on our blog.

Personal training session prices
The full price list of all services offered by fit4all can be found here.
You can arrange a personal training session at the reception or via email


For the best and fastest results we recommend using the services of our personal coaches who will design an exercise programme especially for you, check your technique for all exercises, adjust the weight, and drive you to your best performance throughout your work-out.


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individual lessons pilates

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Reservations for personal training are available at the fit4all reception or by email