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Skupinové lekce

Cvičení pro seniory

Are you at retirement age? Or do you have parents or grandparents who are looking for an active healthy lifestyle?
We offer fitness classes for the elderly, taking into account their age, joint mobility, strength, flexibility and potential health problems. Classes consist of simple exercises that improve spine mobility, help reduce back pain, and a part of the class includes exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.


Street dance 7-10 years MONDAY 15.00 and Street dance 10-14 years FRIDAY 16.00

Classes will introduce children to various types of street dance (hip-hop, house, hype, poppin´, lockin´, dancehall, ...). The focus is on feeling the music and rhythm and developing creativity. The main objective is for children to feel good, relax and leave the class feeling confident. Dancing should be a joyous activity and so the purpose of these classes is to have fun! The Class is led by Maria Miteva, a professional dancer with experience leading modern dance classes including hiphop and poppin.



EXPRESS CLASSES are 30-minute classes aimed at the training of problem areas – buttocks and stomach muscles. Classes are suitable as a supplement to your training program, or as stand-alone classes.



Do you suffer from back pain? We offer classes with professional physiotherapists.
Exercises are focused on removing back and neck pain, stretching and strengthening shortened weak muscles, using overballs, gymballs, bos and other equipment, to ensure the exercises are dynamic and varied and will help you get rid of musculoskeletal problems


Metabolic Training

Classes suitable for starting to burn calories and speeding up your metabolism. Interval training alternates cardio exercise with strength training in a technically perfect way. We use specialised but simple modern techniques to enhance intensity even at low weights. You will exhaust your muscles and your body will be burning calories long after the class. 





Stabilization and mobilisation of the spine. Special exercises with an elastic rope. The rehabilitation method of MUDr. Richard Smíšek. Treatment and prevention of back problems for people with herniated disc and scoliosis. The SM system combines bodybuilding, stretching and movement coordination practice. Exercises are suitable for all age groups.

Lead by spiral stabilisation therapist Eva Rozehnalová.
Application forms and further course information are available by emailing


STEP aerobik choreo

Step aerobics is very effective for weight loss, general improvement of physical condition, and toning the body (especially legs and buttocks). It’s a highly effective aerobic activity which can help you lose weight quickly. On top of that, this exercise will also release lots of endorphins, aiding your psychological well-being and relieving stress



Indoor walking

You can choose from a range of classes varying in difficulty and objective:

WALKING BASIC – walking classes suited for beginners or those who would like to improve their technique, classes are focused on burning calories, the pace is slower and only simple basic steps are used.

WALKING CARDIO – walking classes suited for intermediates focused mainly on burning calories and body toning

WALKING POWER - walking classes combined with bodybuilding suitable for everyone, 35-40 minutes of burning training on trainers and 20-25 minutes of bodybuilding focusing on problematic areas (arms, stomach, buttocks, back) using bodyweight or equipment (dumbbells, overballs, elastibands etc.)



 is an Body&Mind exercise method combining elements of pilates and yoga. It is suitable for any age and gender. This system involves effective exercise of the functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system – especially stomach and back muscles and correct posture. It increases stamina, strength, flexibility and concentration. It improves posture, psychological and physical balance and vitality. Correct and regular exercise helps reduce back pain and muscle imbalance.



Bosu Power

If you want to really challenge yourself, bosu power classes are the right choice for you.
Bodybuilding classes use BOSU balancing equipment to achieve complete full-body muscle training. Classes are focused on improving physical fitness and activating the deep stabilisation system




Dance Aerobic

This is a fun dance form of aerobics. Dance aerobics uses the basic steps of classical aerobics, which are then enriched with dancing elements to create more complex choreographies.


Functional training

Are you looking for a simple yet effective training program?
A dynamic circular training program uses tools such as TRX, BOSU, POWER BAG, FLEXI BAG, dumbbell weights, punch mitts, jump ropes, punch bags, pull-up bars etc. to get you into shape quickly!
Intensive classes combine elements of various sport training (fitness boxing, athletics, gymnastics) to get fit quickly, burn maximum calories and improve stamina and dexterity.



Intensive dynamic classes focused on reducing weight - burning fat, improving physical fitness (strength, speed, stamina) and strengthening your whole body.



Are you looking for a simple class in which you don´t have to think about demanding choreography, but still get a great workout?
Try a fitness class combining „burning training“ and full-body muscle formation, using weights and strength equipment: steps, dumbbells, expanders, body bars etc.


circuit training


Bosu core

Classes using the popular balancing equipment BOSU, focused on activating the deep muscles of the core of the body (stomach, back muscles), but also on an intensive strengthening of all other problem areas (thighs, buttocks, arms). Fitness classes followed by a warm-down and stretching.


yoga for healthy back



A unique fitness programme suitable for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. Top sportspeople and celebrities use pilates to keep their bodies in perfect shape.  For almost 100 years the programme has had millions of followers worldwide, due to its very simple and effective method of achieving long lean muscles, a firm body core, a flexible spine and perfectly coordinated and accurate movement.
Our center offers either open classes or pilates courses.
The advantages of the course option are: regular weekly classes, an excellent instructor, equally-sized groups with the same people, visible physical progress for your body – methodical growth and learning of correct  positions, reservations not required.



Power yoga

A popular fitness programme for stretching the whole body and relaxing the mind.
Dynamic yoga classes consist of continuous sets of exercises and positions that help strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles, relax the mind and bring it into harmony with your body.

body form

Body Form classes combine two elements - cardio and bodybuilding.
Body Form is burning calories with a clear goal: to lose excess weight and improve the overall condition of your body! This class focuses on problematic areas.



Are you looking for a simple class, which doesn't require complicated choreography, but still gives you a good workout?
Try our body building class, combining “burning training” and muscle shaping exercises using weights and equipment: steps, dumbbells, expanders, body bar - body building bars etc.

pilates +

The goal of the Pilates method is to get into the habit of good posture and breathing, flexibility and correct strengthening movement techniques. By consolidating and strengthening the core of the body, it is highly effective in preventing back pain. The focus is on correct techniques for the exercises, which are done without music, each at their own individual speed. We use various equipment typical for this method during classes - overballs, foam rollers, BOS, Pilates circles, big balls, toning balls, thera bands and towels.
In the classes you will be working with professional Pilates instructors, who will use the Canadian Stott Pilates school, which is strongly based on the experience and work of physiotherapists, as well as schools influenced by dancers - Ron Fletcher (USA) and Michael King (UK).

Exercises for a healthy back

Do you suffer from back aches? We offer classes led by a professional physiotherapist.
Exercises are focused on removing back and neck aches, stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles, using overballs, gymballs, bosu and other equipment which will ensure a fun work-out and help you get rid of musculoskeletal problems.

Pilates Rehab

Try a Pilates course with rehabilitation elements led by Eva Rozehnalová - a Pilates certified physiotherapist.
The Pilates rehab course includes exercises adapted according to the client's diagnosis; during the class the trainer will focus on correcting common mistakes.
An advantage of this class is the progressive tuition, lessons follow on from each other methodically. Pilates rehab classes are suitable for complete beginners and clients with musculoskeletal pain.
Application forms and further course information are available by emailing