Skupinové lekce

Cvičení pro seniory

Are you at retirement age? Or do you have parents or grandparents who are looking for an active healthy lifestyle?
We offer fitness classes for the elderly, taking into account their age, joint mobility, strength, flexibility and potential health problems. Classes consist of simple exercises that improve spine mobility, help reduce back pain, and a part of the class includes exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.


EXPRESS CLASSES are 30-minute classes aimed at the training of problem areas – buttocks and stomach muscles. Classes are suitable as a supplement to your training program, or as stand-alone classes.

Functional training

Are you looking for a simple yet effective training program?
A dynamic circular training program uses tools such as TRX, BOSU, POWER BAG, FLEXI BAG, dumbbell weights, punch mitts, jump ropes, punch bags, pull-up bars etc. to get you into shape quickly!
Intensive classes combine elements of various sport training (fitness boxing, athletics, gymnastics) to get fit quickly, burn maximum calories and improve stamina and dexterity.


Metabolic Training

Classes suitable for starting to burn calories and speeding up your metabolism. Interval training alternates cardio exercise with strength training in a technically perfect way. We use specialised but simple modern techniques to enhance intensity even at low weights. You will exhaust your muscles and your body will be burning calories long after the class. 

Power yoga

A popular fitness programme for stretching the whole body and relaxing the mind.
Dynamic yoga classes consist of continuous sets of exercises and positions that help strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles, relax the mind and bring it into harmony with your body.


Are you looking for a simple class, which doesn't require complicated choreography, but still gives you a good workout?
Try our body building class, combining “burning training” and muscle shaping exercises using weights and equipment: steps, dumbbells, expanders, body bar - body building bars etc.