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Visiting rules for badminton rules

Visiting rules for badminton courts

The operator of the badminton courses is fit4all CENTRUM s.r.o. (hereinafter CENTER)
The visiting rules of the center (displayed in the entrance of fit4all and on and visiting rules for individual activities and services are binding for all visitors and fit4all CENTER s.r.o. does not hold any responsibility for damages and injuries caused by failure to follow these rules and relevant legislation.

Visitors are obliged to behave in a way which is not disturbing or inconsiderate to other  visitors (to be polite, quiet and mindful of other visitors), which does not cause injury or mess, and does not damage the equipment or facilities of the building.

All sporting activities and services are used solely at visitors' own risk.

Entry to the badminton courts is allowed within opening hours only, to visitors of the CENTER who have paid the admission fee.

Badminton courts are for playing badminton only, and may not be used for other types of sports, unless the operator states otherwise.

To play it is necessary to: use clean appropriate shoes which do not harm the surface of courts; wear appropriate clothing; and not wear any larger jewellery or objects which might cause injury during a game. In the event of discovery of unsuitable footwear the CENTER employees are authorized to ask visitors to leave without a refund.
The CENTER employees are authorized to check footwear.
Visitors are required to leave the court at the end of paid playing time, at the latest.

Exceeding the playing time in the event of an unoccupied court is possible by arrangement with reception, and after a payment for the added amount of playing time.

In the event of exceeding of playing time without notifying the reception, a fee for the whole next hour will be charged.

Under-fifteens are allowed to play badminton with a person older than eighteen, or under the guidance of a fit4all coach.

It is necessary to keep the courts clean and tidy. Players using feather balls are asked to kindly clear away all feathers and other litter left after their game. There is a long mop available in the hall.

In the event of danger or injury please call the emergency line:
Emergency service 155
police 158
fire service 150
helpline 112

The area is secured by a recording camera system.

The visitors' guide is in effect since: 1.7. 2012
Approved by the fit4all CENTER manager:  Ing. Magda Sokolová