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Water regime (not just) here in our fitness center

I am sure you will agree that a water regime is very important, and if you're doing any sport regularly, it is vital. Your water regime can have a significant effect on your performance, especially if you don't drink enough.We are very aware of this in our center, so I'm going to try to clear up this seemingly simple topic, and give you some ideas to try. Adequate hydration of your body before, during and after the workout itself is key. If you arrive at our center and at the reception you are already feeling thirsty, something is wrong.

In this case you have several options (not only) in our center:

1) Water – the basis of any training, especially in the summer months, it provides basic hydration of your body. Depending on the type of training, you will have a water intake increase of between 0,5 and 1,5 l compared to your body's basic needs. You can choose the option most suitable for you – we offer Rajec, still or gently sparkling (BEWARE of very sparkling drinks) 0,75 l or 1,5 l or filtered water in a 0,5 l glass.

2) Ion drink – balanced to make up for the loss of ions and minerals before, during and after a workout, this drink also speeds up physical regeneration after a sports session. Choose a flavour according to your own taste – for example, in our center you can choose from grapefruit, lemon, mixfruit, cherry, strawberry, pineapple, mojito or pomelo.
A small tip: you can prepare your ion drink at home (such as for extremely demanding workouts in high temperatures) – all you have to do is mix a tablespoon of sugar and salt in 0,5 l of water.

3)Water soluble amino acids – known as instant Amino – if you go for a more strength-based workout, where water or an ion drink won't be enough, we have another option: water soluble amino acids, also in several flavours (green apple, blackberry, fruit punch or the most popular: watermelon). An advantage of this drink is that it is easily absorbed, so it can be used any time during the workout, and since the dosage of amino acids is mixed with 0,5 l of water, it can be used as a third option, which significantly speeds up your body's regeneration process and as a bonus protects muscle mass from disintegration

4) Carnitin drink – an upgraded ion drink with 0% sugar and lots of active substances, including taurine or L-karnitin, which are responsible for burning fat reserves effectively and can help especially with a weight loss regime or more long-term aerobic activity (treadmill running, orbitreck, bike, inline skates or strength-stamina workouts). In our center you can choose from pomelo, lemon, blood orange, grapefruit, dragonfruit, pineapple, blackberry-lime and others.
If after reading this you are still not sure you have the most effective water regime, don´t hesitate to ask our specialist team in the fitness center. It's for your own good, and a consultation about this important issue will never do you any harm. We are always happy to advise you, and help you find the best option for your needs.
Mgr. Miroslav Mikšíček – main trainer fit4all

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