Badminton court

For badminton lovers the Center has four badminton courts up to the specification standards of professional badminton. The walled hall has a light height of more than 7 meters and an excellent springy surface which is resilient to strain while being kind to your joint apparatus.
The badminton hall is fully air-conditioned and evenly lit to meet the specifications of the world badminton federation.
We also offer long-term rent of the badminton courses, lending or selling of equipment, racket stringing services etc. If you are a beginner or just want to improve we offer training sessions with a professional coach. We also run a badminton school for children.


Racket stringing
We offer racket stringing services:
• Stringing with classic strings (synthetic) finished within 3 days
• Express stringing with classic strings (synthetic) finished within 24 hours