Enjoy the best possible relaxation in a comfortable and cosy environment accompanied by candlelight and pleasant fragrances, and pamper yourself with the gentle touch of our experienced masseurs, which will release muscle tension and help relieve stress.

Our wide range of options has the perfect choice for everyone, whether it's a classical sports massage or one our special massages, perhaps with chocolate, or honey. If you suffer from back and joint pain, try the popular lava stones massage.

We talk to our clients about their problems and wishes before every massage to ensure we use the best possible massage technique.

You need to book your massage at least 24 hours beforehand at the center reception, or by calling 511 187 766.


Types of massage

Our range of massages includes:

1. Classical massage

The Classical massage is one of the most effective ways to relax and stretch stiff muscles, relieve pain, and stimulate energy to put you in a great mood. Personal contact and communication are very important in our center; they help us create a massage shaped for your individual needs, taking into account your requests as well as your health situation.


peeling 15 min. 25 min. 40 min. 55 min. 85 min. 3+1 zdarma 60 min.**
220 Kč 330 Kč 420 Kč 580 Kč 750 Kč 1 740 Kč
**Multi-ticket pass 3+1 is valid for 6 months


2. Detox massage with honey

A Honey massage is a unique technique using bee honey and special massaging strokes to eliminate the toxins which gather in your body. We use only the highest quality homemade bee honey for our massages.
We work with your back region, where the honey can literally extract all the toxins your body has built up from the environment as well as from food and medicine. The Honey massage also stimulates the activity of individual organs through reflex zones and helps with overall regeneration and relaxation.
A Detox massage with honey is very effective in cases of:
• depression
• liver disease
• headaches
• nervous disorders of all kinds
• difficulty getting to sleep and insomnia
• blood circulation problems
• arthrosis
• stomach and intestinal disorders (not including ulcers and bleeding)
• fungal diseases of the intestines, skin or organs
• chronic fatigue syndrome
• rheumatic diseases of the muscles and joints
• functional disorders of the pancreas
• post-surgery and other health-related problems


back legs full body
25 min. 25 min. 55 min.
350 Kč 350 Kč 640 Kč

3. Chocolate massage

The Hot chocolate massage is a luxury procedure which rejuvenates your skin and reduces wrinkles. It removes dead cells, helps eliminate toxic elements, and has antioxidant effects and a positive effect on your mental state. It contains a large amount of antioxidants, is highly effective against cellulite, and tones and hydrates the skin.
Effects of a Chocolate massage include:
• muscle and full body relaxation
• a fresh appearance for your skin
• detox of the whole body thanks to vitamins, amino acids and minerals soaked in from the chocolate through your skin
• a better mood and reduction of stress, thanks to the release of endorphins and serotonin – so-called happiness hormones - into the brain
• strengthening and regeneration of blood-vessels, thanks to the antioxidants in chocolate, which leads to a lower risk of heart disease
• the magnesium in chocolate helps to relieve headaches, increases concentration, and improves nerve activity
• anti-inflammation effects


back legs full body
25 min. 25 min. 55 min.
350 Kč 350 Kč 640 Kč

4. Lava stones massage

The Hot lava stones massage is one of the most effective therapies for overall relaxation and regeneration of your body.
It combines special massaging techniques with the heat exuding from the lava stones. This heat is transferred into stiff muscles, helping to relieve them of stress and tension. The massage uses special volcanic stones, which are the best for building up heat to maximise the positive effects. Lava stones are placed on the key energy areas, areas with muscle pain or muscle tension.
The combination of heated stones and special massage techniques and strokes has a beneficial effect on:
• tired and aching muscles
• backaches or neckaches
• rheumatism, spasms, headaches
• stress and insomnia
• blood circulation and the whole lymphatic system
• overall psychological relaxation

50 min. 80 min.
600 Kč 790 Kč

 5. Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is a unique and effective massage style and treatment method, which uses an intensive increase in blood supply to the area being treated. Cupping therapy is used to treat the musculoskeletal system by applying special cups to the skin to create a vacuum, which creates suction.

Cupping therapy is used to treat:
• blocked and stiff muscles
• the lymphatic system
• digestion problems
• bladder problems
• asthma, bronchitis, cough
• inflammation and pain in legs

55 min.
399 Kč

6. Lymphatic massage

The Lymphatic massage is a very gentle massage technique which renews and increases lymphatic circulation, which does not have its own pump. If the lymphatic system is working slowly or not at all, leftovers from the process of metabolism are left in the body tissue. Fat cells increase in size and start forming pockets of fat, cellulitis and inflamations. A lymphatic massage reactivates the system and removes the pollutants.

90 min.
799 Kč