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Exercise classes for children


Every year fit4all offers a wide range of exercise classes for children.
Exercise for babies and teenagers throughout the school year!
In 2016/17 we are offering these classes for children:

• Exercises for Parents and Children (1-3 years)
• Sports games (3-6 years​)
• Sports games (6-9 years​)
• Yoga Mini (5-9 years)
• Yoga Junior (9-13 years)
• Dance NOW Mini (5-8 years)
• Dance NOW Junior (9-16 years)
• Strength-coordination training (11-14 years)
• Strength-coordination training (13-17 years)
• Healthy back (for children over 6)
• Street dance (7-10 years)
• Street dance (10-14 years)



Games for parents and children using psychomotorics

Using the unusual feature of psychomotorics creates an enjoyable exercise class, where parents and children do physical activities together. You will discover your own body, and experience spontaneous emotions from the physical activities and exercises. Lots of different tools and equipment are used in psychomotorics (including bottle caps, balloons, scarves, cups, newspaper, blankets), helping you discover and experience more from your body. The class is led by Gabriela Kolářová - Pedagogical teaching, Philosophical faculty, Masaryk University, Brno

Dance Now

Mini (5-8 years) THURSDAY 15.30 and Junior (9-16 years) THURSDAY 16.30

Disco dances, show dances, latino, jazz, ballet, country and elements of oriental dance and many other dancing styles. The focus is on flexibility, grace and self-expression. Choreography is designed according to the group’s ability, and is created by the whole group. Choreography includes two or three different styles to expand the children’s knowledge of dance. The focus of the course is learning good habits, starting with body posture. Everyone can learn choreography, but to dance without damaging your body and learn good dancing habits requires extra work, which children will appreciate later in life. The Class is led by Barbora Vodičková, an experienced dancer with wide experience with children


Junior (9-13 years) WEDNESDAY 16.30

Yoga classes are a great way for children to improve concentration, core strength, flexibility and confidence. They also teach children how to calm down and relax their body and mind. The lessons are fun and interesting, using short stories which allow the children to experience adventure and become little heroes. Each lesson will include several yoga positions (asan), a yoga game and relaxation at the end. The Class is led by Mgr. Johana Herbrychová, who has an international Cosmic Kids Yoga certificate for children’s yoga.


MONDAY 16.00 and THURSDAY 16.00

Circular training aimed at teaching correct bodybuilding techniques, coordination and dynamic movement, creating a stronger, more flexible and dynamic body, and a general improvement of motor skills using tools and body weight. The classes will deliver fast results in a safe and healthy way. The Class is led by professional trainers Michala Imríška a Filipa Horáka - Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University, Brno



Does your child have bad posture? Scoliosis? Does your child play competitive sports and need training to compensate?
Healthy back classes for children are focused on removing pain in back and neck vertebrae. We will stretch and strengthen the shortened, weak muscles with engaging exercises using overballs, gymballs, bos and other tools, which will free your child from problems with their musculoskeletal system. The class is led by Martina Sachsová – Faculty of Sports Studies MU, Physiotherapy


MONDAY 15.30 and THURSDAY 15.00

These classes will teach children basic sports techniques which they can then use to improve skills acquired in other sports. Games and poems are used to develop fine and gross motor skills. Children work with their bodies during exercise, developing coordination, speed, stamina, flexibility and balance. They learn to use tools such as bos, overballs, fitballs, ropes, parachute etc. They also learn to be independent and work together as a team. The class is led by Martina Sachsová and Michal Kabeláč - Pedagogy of free time, Pedagogical faculty, Masaryk university, Brno