I want to lose weight

Want to lose weight but don´t know where to start? Come to us and we can do it together!
Fit4all has many options available for you to tackle your weight issues:

• Dietary consultations: assessment of current dietary condition, a personal diet plan, a weight loss package for 8-12 weeks, suggestions for adjustments to your physical activities and diet, weight loss package in the fitness center
• Body composition measurement (Start package) – checking results, motivation
• Wide range of sports activities (so your training is not boring and your body doesn't get used to one type of activity)
• Personal training focused towards this goal
• Unlimited monthly membership, motivating you to come often and regularly
• Dietary supplements (recommendations)
• Group sessions, including walking, dance aerobics, total body, express classes – flat stomach and firm backside,
• Sauna for regeneration